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Bubblegum Book Path Reusable Sticker Book


Say goodbye to indecisive sticker placement with the Bubblegum Book Path Reusable Sticker Book! This sticker book's got your back with its cute design and release paper so you can change your mind (and rearrange!) all in one place! Don't worry...stickers aren't stuck for good!

-Size: 5.8" x 8.3"
-50 Pages of release paper
-Spiral bound
-Comes with a yellow remover tool if your stickers need a little help

-Perfect quality sticker books have no errors and are in perfect quality.
-Oopsie sticker books have slight blemishes either on the back cover (black ink specks) or front cover (cut line is off slightly at the bottom), but it has no effect on the interior and the sticker books are perfectly useable!

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